Calendar April 22, 2021 10:09

Recently we finished the production of my new short film Love in Times of Coal-Based Economy. The film will have its premiere at the upcoming Krakow Film Festival (international competition). The film is a Polish - Croatian co-production. It is a love story based in the 60's, in socialist Poland. It is about a young coal loader madly in love with a beautiful crane operator. 

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the project!

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Calendar October 9, 2020 10:15

My recent collaboration with KakofoNIKT band from Poznań (Poland) - a videoclip to their song "Muchomor".

The word "muchomor" means "fly agaric" in enlish - a mushroom which is a source of Psilocybin - naturally occurring psychedelic prodrug.

This is how the band describes their music:

The Wyraj [‘vi-ray] album harks back to old Slavic mythological motifs describing the sacred effects of entheogens - psychoactive substances, which are understood as a source of a constitutive religious experience. This Slavic thinking about holiness as unity with nature being an interface of the self was confronted with a set of gestures and formulas for the celebration of holiness developed on the basis of Christianity (along with a whole set of infra-quotations from Medieval and early Baroque church music). Christianity, through the remains of the Slavic culture's spirituality poking out of it, has digested itself like a serpent.

On the album we focus on portraying the spiritual exhaustion of the present day, where the group becomes a participant in a new speculative movement, breaking out of a strongly institutionalized distribution of metaphysical knowledge and saturated with the symbolism of rituals.
Psychonauts - new believers - are seeking this zone from before the transformation, a body of authentic experiences to which they sigh in a state of unbearable longing.
Incorporation of the oldest sources of Polish national identity can occur in many different ways, not only those appropriated by nationalistic narratives.

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Calendar October 12, 2019 11:37

Sculpted heroes

This is the collection of sculptures I made for my films. We are using them as a reference for animating. In the forground there is a model of the main character of my new short film Love in times of coal based economy. The production just started. Soon I will publish some more informations about it.

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Calendar June 24, 2019 10:08

I had the pleasure to create a new animated intro for Austin Polish Film Festival. Music was composed by Adam Brzozowski.

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Calendar April 7, 2019 14:05

I finally have a teaser of my new short film "Olga's Diamond". Here it is!

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Calendar February 11, 2019 15:17

"Olga's Diamond" is finished!

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Production of my new short film "Olga's Diamond" has ended. Big thanks to all of the crew members! I will let you know when and where will be the premiere as soon as I know. Here is the official poster along with stills from the film.

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Calendar June 6, 2018 12:54

I am happy to announce that Moczarski's Case was selected to the competition of upcoming 17th International Animation Festival in Japan - HIROSHIMA 2018. It will be screened in the evening of 25th August at the Grand Hall of JMS Aster Plaza. I am planning to go to this great festival!

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Calendar February 5, 2018 16:35

I was interviewed by Pauliina Leppinen from Tampere Film Festival. The topic was my recent animation Moczarski's Case. It will be screened at upcoming festival in Focus on Poland programme.

You can find the full interview HERE.

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Calendar October 30, 2017 11:50

Production of "Olga's Diamond" has started!

We are now in production of my new short film "Olga's Diamond". I just came back from the set. The film is produced by Ron Dyens and Izabela Igel, starring: Piotr Rogucki and Zofia Dobosz. We are planning to finish everything till March.

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Calendar March 15, 2017 16:58

Moczarski's Case in competition at Annecy

Good news from France! My new animation Moczarski's Case is in short film competition at Annecy Animation Film Festival. I really didn't expect tahat. A great thanks to all the animators and collaborators who worked with me on the project and to the producer - Kazimierz and Zofia Moczarski Foundation.

There are 6 polish animation films in two sections of the festival - short film competition and graduation films competition.

Here is a link to the festival page.

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Calendar July 18, 2016 12:21

Teaser of my new animation - Moczarski's Case  now avaliable online. Enjoy.

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Calendar June 13, 2016 19:50

Blue Room at Annecy !

Tomorrow A Blue Room will be presented at Annecy Animation Festival in a special programme - French Animation: The Mirror Effect – Eastern Wind. If you are somewhere around I wormly invite you to join the screening. The second screening will be on Wednesday.
Here is more info:

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Calendar June 7, 2016 11:40

The Ornament in color

Here is the first color version of the ornament design to my film project - Diamond, Whale and the Ornament of Life. I am posting as I promised.

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Calendar May 18, 2016 16:44

The Ornament of Life

I am currently working on preproduction to my long feature project "Diamond, Whale and the Ornament of Life" and simultaneously to a short film which will precede and correspond to the long one - "Olga's Diamond". Here is a concept art for the ormanet, that will be revealing itself in one scene (in both films). I drew it for a week with a pencil. The final version will be in color. I will let you know when it will be ready.

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Calendar March 11, 2016 09:39

Here is a brand new poster to my new short animation - Moczarski's Case.

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Calendar February 9, 2016 23:30

I will be participating in a an international artistic project “Topography of Freedom”. The artists taking part in the exhibition are obliged to interpret one of Franz Kafka’s aphorisms.
Here is my visual interpretation of one of them:

His exhaustion is that of the gladiator after the fight, his work was the whitewashing of one corner in a clerk's office. [Kaiser/Wilkins]

The project curator is Zbignew Bajek.

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Calendar December 11, 2015 11:25


Here is a first information about my new short animation - Moczarski's CaseIt is the story of Kazimierz Moczarski - a famous Polish journalist, a resistance officer  in occupied Poland during WW2, author of a book called Conversations with an Executioner.

 The film in a metaphorical way tells the story of his life and his encounter with a Nazi general - Jürgen Stroop, the liquidator of the Warsaw Ghetto.

I want to thank to all the artists who participated in the creation of this animation.

The film was produced by Fundacja im. Kazimierza i Zofii Moczarskich (Kazimierz and Zofia Moczarski Foundation) and subsidized by National Centre for Culture Poland.

The author of the music is Adam Brzozowski.


Here is more specific info about the whole story:

During WW2, Polish resistance officer Kazimierz Moczarski prepared an assassination attempt on SS General Jürgen Stroop. Stroop commanded the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto and the suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which led to the murder of Warsaw's Jews.

After the War ended, courts in Communist Poland sentenced them both to death. Awaiting execution, they were thrown together in the same prison cell. During this time, Moczarski was regularly tortured and interrogated by the secret police.

Stroop was hanged in 1952. 

In 1956, after the end of Stalinism, Moczarski was acquitted and rehabilitated. Moczarski later recorded his 9 month prison confrontation with Stroop in his book Conversations with an Executioner.

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Calendar December 11, 2015 10:19

By decision of jury composed of: Thomas Renoldner (chairman), Svietlana Filippova, Teresa Glad, Cecilia Traslaviña, A Blue Room was awarded with Silver Jabberwocky - the second award in animation category at the 22. IFF ETIUDA&ANIMA (Krakow, Poland).

The film was awarded because it offers a strong reflection how memories work in a traumatic situation - as stated in the jury comment. 

The winner of the Anima competition was Erlking directed by  Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland).


Here is a link to a list of all awardes films.

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Calendar June 10, 2015 11:39

Blue Room won a Silver Hobby-Horse (for the best polish animation) at the 55th Krakow Film Festival.

The jury chairman was Piotr Dumała. The film was awarded for finding exceptionally accurate visual means to express the metaphysical value of the human existence.

Here is a link to a list of all awarded films.

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Calendar April 7, 2015 15:41

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I just came back from the Hong Kong IFF where "Blue Room" received a JURY PRIZE in a short film category. The jury consisted of: FUJIOKA Asako, Heinz HERMANNS and CHAN Chui Hing, Nose.

Jury’s comment: A single fatal moment extended in the life of the protagonist. This hand-drawn animation film transforms a simple four-walled room into a multitude of vehicles for memory travel using unexpected visual and audio aesthetics, assuredly expressing the depth of human trauma and personal experience.



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Also recently my film was awarded in Bezons (France) at the Ciné Poème Film Festival where it received PRIX DE LA JEUNESSE. The jury members were Nathalie Guen (Winner of Laurent Terzieff 2014) and 7 youth.

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