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Poland, early 80s. Olga is 7 and loves her father very much. When her cricket
dies she realizes she cannot turn back the time. To comfort her, the father
tells her a strange tale about a giant with two diamond eyes. It explains the
nature of time. Soon they will both see how this legend will impact their life.
The diamonds are real!

format: DCP
year of production: 2019
running time: 18 min.
direction, script, animation design: Tomasz Siwiński
production: Ron Dyens
starring: Piotr Rogucki, Zofia Dobosz
DoP: Michał Sosna
set design: Izabela Cieszko
editing: Boubkar Benzabat / Mateusz Siesicki
music: Adam Brzozowski
sound design: Agata Chodyra
production manager: Izabela Igel
key animation:  Julia Kożuszek, Maciej Fechner
production: Sacrebleu Productions


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