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A prehistoric fish takes the first step on dry land. A cuddling T-Rex couple is about to become extinct. Meanwhile in Poland, it is 1963, and the Winter of the Century is in full swing. Chimneys cheerfully spit out clouds of black smoke. A young coal loader is madly in love with a beautiful crane operator. The heat of his love will not let him freeze while he trudges through snow drifts guided by wild desire. Our hero and heroine, still totally unaware of global warming and excessive CO2 emissions, will play their parts in a human comedy of love and death.

format: DCP
year of production: 2021
running time: 11 min.
direction, script, design, editing: Tomasz Siwiński
producers: Piotr Szczepanowicz / Jakub Karwowski
coproducer: Draško Ivezić
music: Kamil Pawłowski / Szymon Herbuś
sound design: Michał Fojcik MPSE
production manager: Martyna Siwińska
key animation:  Julia Kożuszek, Michalina Musialik
production: Letko / Adriatic Animation / Silesia Film Institute


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