Tekstylia bis- Słownik młodej polskiej kultury (Textiles Bis - A dictionary of young Polish culture)

The chapter of the dictionary devoted to film contains a biographical note about Tomasz Siwiński.
Tekstylia bis is a continuation of an anthology entitled Tekstylia. O "rocznikach siedemdziesiątych" (Textiles. About "generations of the 70s") by Piotr Marecki, Igor Stokfiszewski and Michał Witkowski published by Ha!art in 2002 in Krakow, which was one of the most broadly discussed books on young Polish literature. The idea behind the Tekstylia bis was creating a comprehensive guide to young culture. It consists of chapters which describe phenomena occurring in latest feature film, animation, documentary, theatre, drama, poetry, prose, fantasy, painting, sculpture, installation, performance, action, photography, street art, architecture, design, modern music, hip-hop, alternative music, cartoon and idea.

Here you can find a link to the editor's information (in polish).

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