Special mention at Animateka

"A Blue Room" received a Special Mention from the jury member Tess Martin at Aniamteka 11th Animated Film Festival in Ljubljana - Slovenia.

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From the statement:

Dreams are notoriously hard to capture accurately in art. But this film depicts a strange, unnerving and surreal environment that convinces us we are in a dream, or a nightmare. But why the nightmare? The story unfolds so that we are given clues to the protagonist's plight without giving too much away, and yet by the end we are given a resolution that explains a lot of what has come before, making it a satisfying, if unsettling experience. Because of its ambitious and challenging storytelling choices, my special mention goes to A Blue Room by Tomasz Siwinski.

HERE you can find a list of all awarded films. The Grand Prix went to Ewa Borysewicz for To Thy Heart.

On the right I am publishing an interview done with me on the occasion of the festival.

Posted January 4, 2015 16:21