A man wakes up in a blue room. He's stuck and he can't escape.
 A window is his only connection to the outer world.
It filters the reality in a very mysterious way...


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First there was Truffaut's The Green Room, a deathly hymn inspired by the work of Henry James. Now there is The Blue Room, whose sensorial abstraction and strength of imagery will stay with you long after watching it. Tomasz Siwiński's film, a slightly Lynchian internal odyssey unravelling at death's door, is a true celebration of what animation is capable of, leaving us deeply affected by its sick and creepy beauty. Cinephiles can detect glimpses of Kieslowski's funeral meditations, under its tormented classicism. Above all, everyone will see in it a great film.

Fabien Gaffez

format: DCP
year of production: 2014
running time: 14 min.
direction, script, design, editing, compositing: Tomasz Siwiński
producer: Ron Dyens / Zbigniew Żmudzki
music: Remi Boubal
sound design: Lionel Guinon
animation: Andrzej Piotr Morawski, Paweł Garbacz, Tomasz Siwiński
painting: Tomasz Siwiński, Edyta Adamczak, Mateusz Krygier, Martyna Ścibior, Edyta Turczanik
colouring: Adela Kaczmarek, Paweł Truchan
production: Sacrebleu Productions, Se-ma-for

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