Muchomor - videoclip

My recent collaboration with KakofoNIKT band from Poznań (Poland) - a videoclip to their song "Muchomor".

The word "muchomor" means "fly agaric" in enlish - a mushroom which is a source of Psilocybin - naturally occurring psychedelic prodrug.

This is how the band describes their music:

The Wyraj [‘vi-ray] album harks back to old Slavic mythological motifs describing the sacred effects of entheogens - psychoactive substances, which are understood as a source of a constitutive religious experience. This Slavic thinking about holiness as unity with nature being an interface of the self was confronted with a set of gestures and formulas for the celebration of holiness developed on the basis of Christianity (along with a whole set of infra-quotations from Medieval and early Baroque church music). Christianity, through the remains of the Slavic culture's spirituality poking out of it, has digested itself like a serpent.

On the album we focus on portraying the spiritual exhaustion of the present day, where the group becomes a participant in a new speculative movement, breaking out of a strongly institutionalized distribution of metaphysical knowledge and saturated with the symbolism of rituals.
Psychonauts - new believers - are seeking this zone from before the transformation, a body of authentic experiences to which they sigh in a state of unbearable longing.
Incorporation of the oldest sources of Polish national identity can occur in many different ways, not only those appropriated by nationalistic narratives.

Posted October 9, 2020 10:15

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